Rausser College has developed multidisciplinary programs that encompass the natural and social sciences, with a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching. Our nine undergraduate major programs prepare students for graduate study and careers in biological sciences, health professions, environmental fields, policy, law, business, and economics, and include programs designed for students with interests in specific professions, such as forestry and nutrition/dietetics. Most are integrative programs that emphasize flexible, interdisciplinary approaches.

Our ten minor programs allow any UC Berkeley student with the proper prerequisites to declare an area of specialization in addition to their major. For details about when and how to declare a major, go to Choosing a Major at Rausser

Our majors have been included in the UC Berkeley Major Maps Project, which will help you learn about and be reminded of many exciting opportunities and resources available to you while at Berkeley.

Majors in the Rausser College of Natural Resources

Biological Sciences

Minors in the Rausser College of Natural Resources

The College offers ten undergraduate minor programs. Students in any major with the appropriate prerequisites may pursue a minor at Rausser. All courses used in satisfaction of a minor program must be taken for a letter grade, unless the course is offered only on a Pass/No Pass basis. Students must achieve at least a C (2.0) average in the courses taken in satisfaction of a minor program. For course overlap policies between minors/majors, please check in with the minor advisor. 

Photo by Elena Zhukova

Rausser College offers the following minors: