Application for Independent Study and Research Units

This form applies to Independent Study and Research (99 and 199 courses). It is also used to enroll in units for Sponsored Undergraduate Research (SPUR) and as a DeCal Facilitator. Please read this form carefully and obtain all required signatures before turning in. More about independent study

Rausser College students, please submit completed form with all signatures to your major advisor's email address. Students in other UCB colleges, please submit the completed form with all signatures to

Application for Field Study and Internship Units

This form is to be used for field study or internship experience (course number 197) which occurs off campus. If you are completing independent research on campus, you should use the Application for Independent Research instead (course number 199). Rausser College students submit this form to your major advisor. Students in other UCB colleges, please submit the completed form with all signatures to

Berkeley Dual Enrollment (for UC Berkeley Students taking classes elsewhere)

This form is for full-time UC Berkeley students wishing to take one or more courses at another institution simultaneously. The form must be completed and turned in before registering at another institution.

Change of College or Major

This form is used to declare a major or change majors in the Rausser College. Please review the requirements on this page to declare a major in RCNR. To declare or change majors in any other colleges, please consult with the appropriate college.

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Change to Single Major from a Double Major or Simultaneous Degree

This form is used for students in Rausser College who are currently pursuing multiple majors and wish to keep a major in Rausser College while dropping another major. 

Double Majors in Rausser College: Use this form to keep one of your Rausser College majors and request to drop the other one.

Simultaneous Degree Students: Use this form to keep your Rausser College major and request to drop the major in your other college. If you instead wish to drop your Rausser College major and keep your major from another college - do not use this form. Instead, you will need to communicate with your other college and major advisors about their process.

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Declare Double Major

This form is used to declare a double major (two majors within the Rausser College of Natural Resources).

Declare Simultaneous Degrees

This form is used to declare simultaneous degrees (a degree in the Rausser College of Natural Resources and a degree in another UC Berkeley college or school).

Note: Students pursuing a simultaneous degree will be held to the academic policies and procedures (e.g., unit or term maximums, add/drop/withdrawal deadlines, late schedule change, readmission criteria, etc.) of both schools or colleges and will require all major/college approvals for any changes.

Employment Verification Form for Reduced Course Load

This form is required to obtain approval to take less than 12 units because of your paid employment commitments. Complete this fillable PDF with your supervisor's signature to attach to the Reduced Course Load petition submission. International students must check with the Berkeley International Office on employment authorization guidelines.

**The 12 unit minimum change is a new College policy as of Spring 2020**

Hours worked per week Reduced Load (Units)

Hours worked per week Reduced Load (Units)
15-19  10
20-29  8
30 or more  6

Students with reduced course loads due to employment are required to pay full tuition and fees, regardless of the number of enrolled units.

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Enrollment Planning Form

Students are required to fill out this form before meeting with their advisor to plan next semester's schedule. During their advising appointment, the advisor will review the form and release the student's advising hold on CalCentral. Students will be able to enroll in coursework once the hold has been successfully released and their Phase 1 has begun. 

Extend Incomplete Grade

If you are unable to finish a course by the Course Work Completion deadline, you may request an extension of time.  All requests for extension must be made prior to the Course Work Completion Deadline listed above by submitting a Petition to Extend An Incomplete Grade.  Extensions must be approved by both the instructor and the Associate Dean of Instruction & Student Affairs.  Instructors are under no obligation to approve an extension past the original deadline.  Please review the full policies and procedures here.

Honors Program Enrollment Form

Form needed to enroll in the Rausser College Honors Program. Please read the instructions carefully for more information about which signatures are required.

More about the Honors Program

Late Petition to Change Class Schedule 

If you have extenuating circumstances and would like to request a course add, drop, or grading option change after the deadline, you must first consult with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will discuss your options with you and will give you the Late Petition to Change Class Schedule Form and the Instructor Statement Form if needed. Approvals are rarely granted and you must be able to explain your circumstance and provide documentation. Read all about the Late Petition process for RCNR here on this page. 

We have developed a set of guided questions to help you answer the questions "Am I eligible for a late course drop?" and "Should I P/NP my course?". Use your UC Berkeley account to access these forms.

Please note: The Rausser College of Natural Resources' late change of schedule differs from other colleges on campus; documentation of extenuating circumstances is required and no late drop is guaranteed. 

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Minor Declaration Form

This form is used to declare any minor in the Rausser College of Natural Resources.  Please be sure to obtain a signature from your major advisor before submitting the form. Please email your Minor Declaration Form first to your major advisor to review and sign, and then to the RCNR minor advisor to review and add the minor. Minors should be declared in the semester before your final term at Berkeley. You can find a list of minors within the Rausser College of Natural Resources here.

Program Planning Form

This form is used to assist students in planning out their course schedules for future semesters.

Reduced Course Load Due to Dependant Care

This form is required to obtain approval to take fewer than 12 units due to caregiving commitments and other reasons beyond employment. Graduating seniors that wish to take a reduced course load can reach out to their major advisor to be sent the appropriate form. 
Note: The last day to submit the form is the Friday of the third week of instruction.

Also note: 
Completing less than 12 units may affect your financial aid. Be sure to speak to the Office of Financial Aid about your study plan before making any changes.
International students going below 12 units will also need to seek approval from the BIO office for a reduced course load. 

**The 12 unit minimum change is a new College policy as of Spring 2020**

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Request an Additional Semester

This form is used to request additional semesters. The petition is intended for students with extenuating circumstances. Approval is not guaranteed. 

Retain ("Freeze") Incomplete Grade Permanently on Record

This petition is used to request that an incomplete (I) grade be retained permanently on your record.   Please review the full policies and procedures here.

SPUR Summer Learning Contract

Please fill out this sheet if you DO NOT want to receive units for Summer for SPUR, but would still like to complete a SPUR project. For more information about SPUR, please visit our SPUR webpage.

Student's Petition

This petition is used infrequently, but in circumstances in which the request being asked falls outside of the forms listed above, you can fill out a Student's Petition form. Consult an advisor to make sure this is the correct form to use, and be as descriptive as possible when explaining your situation. 

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