Rausser College of Natural Resources Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is committed to advancing Rausser College’s mission of generating scientific knowledge and tools to protect the Earth’s natural resources and ensuring economic and ecological sustainability. Comprising some of our most distinguished alumni and friends, the board serves in a voluntary capacity to advise and counsel the Dean and to support the College’s commitment to delivering real solutions to our state, our country, and beyond.

Recent Emeriti

  • Linda Schacht Gage
  • John Pardee
  • Janet King 
  • Caroline Maser
  • Mike Cheng
  • Arianna Carughi
  • Jill Elfishawy
  • Bill Woods
  • Dick Beahrs
  • John Scharffenberger
  • Steve Hurst
  • Steve McCormick
  • Kass Green
  • Dave Warner
  • Caryl Hart
  • Bill Liu