Educational Initiatives Award

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Educational Initiatives Award

Presented by U.C. Berkeley’s Committee on Teaching, 2000

Thanks to UCB’s Committee on Teaching

Award to College of Natural Resources

Stellar Course Grant

Center for Media and Independent Learning

American Environmental and Cultural History

Web Page: Katherine Falk, SIMS

David MacFarland, Campus Course

CMIL: Online Course, XB160AC

Sandra Marburg’s Lectures

Side Trips to Other Web Sites

Visits to Virtual Art Galleries

Carolyn Merchant’s Lectures: BMRC’s Live Audio Design

New England Forest Live Audio

ESPM 160 Computer Gurus

Rob Weinberg, Panorama

Chronology: Undergraduates Joshua Volz and Valerie Peters

ESPM 160 Course Staff

ESPM 160AC, Fall 1999

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Author: Carolyn Merchant